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Shanghai Expat Jobs

Jobs in Beijing

Jobs in Beijing . We update a lot of new Jobs in Beijing, specially teaching Jobs in Beijing. View and apply these jobs for free. Just fill out a perfect resume. And add our admin on WeChat. WeChat ID is --- justdoitatIntel

Some Jobs listed Below
1. Full Time English Teacher
2. English Writer

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Quick Jobs in Beijing


English Teacher of Children Exapt Jobs in China

Job Description1.We need a Foreign English Teacher ( Part-time/Full-tine) , Native speaker of  English required (American/British/Canadian/Australian is prefered).
2.English teacher for kids of 3-12 years old.
3.Have English Education Experience and teaching technologic.
Requirements1.Teaching Experience at least one year.
2.English Ponounce is Excellent , and it is better to have Chinese ability,   and certified teacher preferred 
3.Active , outgoing, patient with good personality, and be responsible for the teaching. Benefits 1.Negotiable Visit Job Link

English Teacher Expat Jobs in China

Job Description
1. Position: English Teacher for children aged 3-12 years old
2. To organize effective class activities Requirements 1.Bachelor or above. Speak English as mother tongue, with accurate pronunciation.
2.With bright personality, humorous and easy-going. Being a nice person.
3.Being enthusiastic with English education.Being a nice person.
4.Application with drama in education background are prefered. Benefits 1.Negotiable Visit the Job link for more info


ECOMMERCE GUIDE IN CHINA  2017-06-01  Category:china For Company registration in China contact at
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One of foreign brands’ main concern when they want to enter the Chinese market is to know which are the best eCommerce platforms.  E-COMMERCE IN CHINA INTRODUCTION E-commerce represents 25% of total Chinese consumption and generated $589 billion in 2015. China surpassed the US, which generated $341.7 billion in the same year. One of the most striking examples is the fact that Alibaba sold more than $14.3 billion in less than 24 hours during the “Single Day” in November 2015, a better performance than the “Black Friday” in the United States. It’s also estimated that mCommerce (eCommerce on smartphones) accounted for half of all eCommerce in China in 2015. With a rising middle class, the demand of better quality goods has also increased. The Chinese purchase more imported goods because they trust them mor…
Live and work in China in a healty way JING'AN, China - June 4, 2017  -- In the world, there are only two countries whose population, confidence, cultural and historical depth make them stand out in an increasingly homogeneous world: China and India. They are both attractive to foreigners in their own ways, especially for those seeking to experience working and living in a culture different from what they are used to. China's present, as well as past profile makes it a popular destination among foreigners.

Don't be discouraged by the bad press; news on China may dwell on the political drama while on the city streets the story is entirely different. The Chinese are largely open and welcoming, and for the astute, opportunities abound.

Yet this country is not as easy; the food is strange to those who aren't used to it, and their way of life is entirely different as are social expectations and contracts. The uneven modernity and development levels coupled with widespread ina…